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Gym etiquette
February 23, 2006, 10:22 pm
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Weight: 168.4 lbs

When I got to the gym last night, I promptly went to sign up for one of the elliptical machines. Seeing that all of the spaces were full and that no one was on any of the machines, I went and asked at the desk at what point could I just take one. They told me that the board hadnt been wiped down from the night before and that all of the spaces were free. One of the women then went and grabbed some solvent and a towl and wiped off the sheet. I put my name down for 2 spots (5:45 and 6:30), placed a towel over the bars as a placeholder, then went to go and change.

When I came out of the fitting rooms not even 10 minutes later, I saw that some man had gone and moved my towel and taken my machine. Now, since I had gone to the trouble of ascertaining whether or not I could use the machine, I was a bit annoyed. Since there was a free machine to either side of the one he’d usurped (which begs the question, why didnt he take one of those?), I didnt complain. I just told him that next time he should check with the desk. Then I had the realization that someone might have legitimately signed up for the machine I was now on, so I went back to the desk to find out what the policy was.

One of the trainers, who really didnt have much of a clue, said that if no one had claimed it by 6:10, then I was free to use it. Since that was almost 15 minutes away at that point, I figured I’d just get on and if someone asked me about it, I’d deal with it then. I was bugged though, as why should MY workout be interrupted, when I’d played by the rules.

It seems to me that there are a lot of selfish people at my gym.

Anyway, I did 42 minutes on the elliptical. Why 42? Because that’s how long it took me to burn 600 calories. I then went and worked on my chest, triceps and lower back in the weight room.

One-arm triceps pushdown: 30lbs @ 2×12
French press: 8lbs @ 2×12
Triceps kickpack: 8lbs @ 2×12

Incline chest press: large bar + 10lbs @ 2×12
Incline flyes: 15lbs @ @ 2×10

Deadlifts large bar + 10lbs @ 2×15

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