Runs like a girl

February 22, 2006, 7:36 pm
Filed under: workouts

Monday after work I went to the gym and was lucky enough to snag one of the elliptical machines. The guy next to me was coughing, clearing his throat and snorking the entire time he was on his machine. What was truly disgusting is that when he was done, he didnt even wipe down the handles or display. Nasty!!! So when the next fellow came along and made ready to use the machine, I highly recommended that he wipe it down first.

I just don’t understand how some people can be so selfish. Never mind that since he obviouslyy had a congestion issue going on, and shouldnt have been on the damned thing in the first place, but he couldnt clean up his germs when done? Amazing.

Anyway, I did 45 minutes and burned about 630 calories, before moving upstairs and working on my biceps and shoulders.

Upright rows: bar + 10lbs @ 2×15
Side lats: 5 @ 2×15
Behind the back shrugs: 10 @ 2×15
Military press: bar + 10lbs @ 2×10

EZ bar curls: bar + 10lbs @ 2×15
Incline curls: 10@ 2×15
Hammer curls: 10 @ 2×15

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