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Overcrowding causes much frustration
February 16, 2006, 3:46 pm
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Weight: 165.2lbs

For the first time in the two years that I have had a Sports Clubs membership, I had a BAD workout. The weight room was insanely overcrowded — no matter where I stood, I felt as though I had no personal space. People were asking if I was almost done with certain machines. I also felt that the girls were going to pop out of my top at any given moment, so I felt very insecure as well.

Because of these distractions, my workout was very hard to get through. I couldnt concentrate, I felt annoyed by the chitterchatter of women yakking with their trainers; with the trainers calling out reps, which clashed with my own internal rep count. I felt self conscious.


Grav close-grip pullups: 100lbs @ 3×10
Triceps pushdowns: 60lbs @ 3×10
Bent over rows: bar @ 3×10.
Barbell curls: bar @ 2×10, 1×5
Upright rows: bar @ 3×10
Lat pushdowns: 60lbs @ 3×10
Close grip pull downs: 50lbs @ 3×10

No cardio.

Today will be a rest day, with plans to either go running with Rick tomorrow or go to the gym after work if he cancels.

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