Runs like a girl

Second day in a row
February 15, 2006, 4:41 am
Filed under: workouts

Weight: 166.4 lbs

Elliptical: 40 minutes, 560 calories burned.
Yoga for runners: 7 poses, three times through.

I cant believe how hestitant I was to buy the March Runner’s World. Sure, it’s been months since I’ve actively ran, and months since the magazine has held interest for me. But for whatever reason I bought it, Im glad I did.

First, it gave me something to read while on the elliptical. I did 40 minutes and it felt like 5.

Second, there was an article on cassaroles, which I was really pleased to see as Ive been really wanting to make one. So thanks to the magazine, I made one tonight using ground chicken, pasta sauce, brown rice and plain pasta, frozen veg, and ground cheddar. What makes it even better is that I had half the ingredients already on hand. Plus I have at least 2 lunch left in the fridge.

Third, there was an article on yoga for runners. I’ve been hesitant to take a class fearing that I would be clumsy and fall all over the place. I also thought it would be hard to do. I don’t know if what Im really doing is “yoga”, but the stretches felt really nice. The magazine says to do the cycle three times a week, but Im going to try to do it every night before I go to bed while I watch tv. I’d like to get to the point where I feel comfortable doing it at the gym right after a workout. I’m also hoping I’ll get familiar enough with the process of stretching this way so that I’ll have the confidence to take a proper class at the gym.

There are also a few articles in the magazine about starting running again after the winter, half marathon training in three days a week, and running to help stave off depression — all things of particular interest to me.

(note: with so many of RW’s articles online, I might not really need to buy the magazine for a while, since I can just read everything for free. Possible sideback: Can’t take computer on elliptical!)

Im toying with the idea of going to the gym again tomorrow, as today’s elliptical run left me feeling so energized, but I don’t want to push myself too hard too soon. I also don’t want to carry my huge gym bag again tomorrow. I think I’ll bring my workout stuff, and decide during the day what I want to do.

If I do go tomorrow, then Thursday will be my rest day. Friday Im either running with Rick or I’ll hit the gym again. Saturday, weather permitting, I might like to go back to High Park, but as I’ll be out at Shelley and Tomasc’ for movies and mayhem on Friday night, I might not be in the mood to run 😉

One final note. Today is Valentine’s Day, and as usual I had no plans. I was feeling really cranky all day, and at one point really wanted to ditch the gym and come home and veg out. Im really glad that I didn’t though, as I feel proud that I’ve worked out twice this week already. Plus, I was home by 6:30 anyway, and was eating dinner within the hour. So that’s pretty cool, as I would otherwise have been making a dent in the couch from 5:30, which is really NOT conducive to losing weight.

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