Runs like a girl

Hump day
February 15, 2006, 1:02 pm
Filed under: workouts


Three lbs in three days? It must just be Cookie Weight or something, as I don’t think you can just drop that amount in a couple of days. And since I’ve been eating, and not snacking (much), I guess I’m doing the right thing.

I really want to go to the gym tonight (hah!), but I handwashed my sportsbras last night, and they’re still damp. I think I’ll just go after work and do a strength training workout, instead of cardio and strength, then do cardio tomorrow.


Today’s been a real ass-muncher of a day. I’m tired and kinda cranky, but I think I’ll still go and do my weight workout after work — if only because I’ve told myself that I can have an Easter Creme egg if I want to afterwards. That’s what I’ve been saying for two days now, and you know what? By the time I leave the gym I find that I don’t really want one anymore as it would mean my workout had been nulled by the sweet chocolate-y goodness.

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